Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Marathon Update 1

Bonjour ladies and gents. I know I mentioned last week that I was going to rant about Piracy... at the same time, I feel like I already said a lot of what I felt in my rant about emulation, so the Piracy rant is put on hold for now unless I'm really feeling up to it later... or better yet, to add to a podcast, whenever we get around to actually doing that.

Instead, I'll just post an update on my marathons, IE Ubisoft and Alphabet marathons for that wonderful Backloggery Site. It's a shame that they aren't accepting new users, but considering how sometimes the site randomly crashes, it's not a huge surprise. Besides, the crashing isn't even close to being horribly often, so why risk making it worse?

Starting with the Ubithon, Drakengard 2 is holding my interest pretty well. While the first game had disturbing themes involving incest, cannibalism, insanity, and a touch of bestiality, this one instead features a whiny little brat who can't make up his mind and is totally oblivious to reality and intelligence. Gameplay wise everything is awesome, but still, the main character is a moron. If it weren't for that, I'd probably enjoy it a lot more.

Prince of Persia is on the shelf until I beat Drakengard... so probably in a day or two I'll tackle that one again. It started off awesomely, but I dunno... actually, I do know. I suck at it >_>.

And finally, Red Steel is something I probably should be playing right about now, since I've been in a shooter-ish mood, but... well, the controls could use a lot of work, and in a sword fight, precision is necessary.

Alphabethon has kinda got ignored slightly here, mostly because I want to beat the games I chose in alphabetical order (duh!), but unfortunately I'm stuck at the Temple of Flame in 3D Dot Game Heroes. It's an awesome Zelda style game, but I'm the kinda guy that hates getting stuck. I'm also the kinda guy that gets stuck WAY too often. Maybe gaming isn't for me...? Alone in the Dark isn't as bad as I originally thought... although still not great, and Bioshock was an instant classic. Sadly, I'm almost never in a shooter mood, but the story is good enough that I'm going to hit that pretty soon. Probably after Drakengard, or the PS3 Zelda.

Until next time, a pleasant Gammage to all.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

World of Warcraft 4.0.1 - Azeroth Beckons

A cataclysm draws near. A world is about to change. Patch 4.0 marks the beginning of our transition towards World of Warcraft - Cataclysm. New races, new zones and the likes will be available on December 7. What was released this week is system changes.

Although the changes are numerous, I will focus on the aspect I was most excited about, the new talent system. World of Warcraft player know that once you hit level 10, you can allocate talent points in one of three trees. There were many filler talents and Blizzard felt the need to streamline the whole system which also allows them to renew the classes at the same time.

Talents were simplified in two ways: number and selection. There are now far fewer talents to choose from, but you also have fewer talent points. Basically, you now get one every two levels, in between new abilities. This makes the leveling experience far more enjoyable and also reduces the number of uninteresting talents.

I shall conclude with this note: the Baron mount is finally mine!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

There was a POST here, It's gone now...

I'd love to continue my rant on Piracy today, but unfortunately there are 631 unfinished games in my backlog calling to me, not to mention Highlander on Netflix, so my ranting is going to have to wait until next week Tuesday. See ya then.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Roms and Emulation

Hello there, ladies and gents. This weekend, I decided to relive a bit of my past, so I found collections of every NES and SNES game in Rom form, as well as the emulators with which to run them. I already had a controller, and after configuring things properly, it's just like when I was a kid, playing 8-bit games that my brother owned.

Now, under normal circumstances, I am a pirate in name only: As in, I prefer pirates to ninja's. Pirating is something I am wholly against, and I'll be writing about that in my next post. Also, for roms and emulators, I have a tendency to feel the same way. However, old-school gaming, IE NES, SNES and the like, I feel falls under a sort of gray area when it comes to pirating.

To be quite honest, if a game comes out, and it's something that I'm going to play, I want to give the developers my money. If they make a quality game, they deserve my cash, and that's a fact, plain and simple. I'm also not going to hide behind the "I can't afford it" route that so many others hide behind. Gaming is not food, shelter, or clothing. Call me elitist if you want, but if you can't afford gaming, then you shouldn't BE gaming. Simple. Gaming is a form of luxury, and since it isn't necessary for.. you know, LIVING, then you shouldn't complain just because you can't afford it.

Now, why are NES and SNES roms MY exception?

1) The developers don't get any money off the games anymore. The exception to THIS is through things like the Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network, but if it's a game I have on an emulator, and I liked it enough to keep it, then I have no problem plopping down the money to own the game. Again, if they took the time to make something for my enjoyment, then I will give the developers of those games my money.

2) You can't find the games anywhere anymore. Most stores don't sell them, and the ones that do don't carry games that are good. Roms are pretty much the only way to find those games anymore.

My usage of roms always follows those two rules up there. If the developers don't make money off them anymore (which anything from PS1 backwards holds up to this, since the developers stopped production of those games), and if stores stop selling them. That being said, once a game becomes available again through alternative means, IE VC or PSN, then I buy them. Always.

Yesterday was the release of the demo for Force Unleashed 2, I tried it out and it's pretty fun. Still glitchy though (I fell through the floor of one of the area's), but it should be pretty fun. It seems like they sped up The Apprentice a bit, and I'm sure they gave him new moves, although you only get one in the demo. Although I'm not buying it at launch, I'm looking forward to seeing the full game in action when it gets released in a couple of weeks.

See ya'll on Saturday, yo!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Netflix and Bandwidth

Ah Netflix. Allowed me to catch up with Season 4 of Heroes (which was surprisingly fun to watch). The girlfriend and I are currently watching the BBC Sitcom Couplings. Not sure if I will pay for the service, but I can understand it's appeal. However, as I believe I mentioned before, the selection, movie wise, is far from up to date.

One thing to be careful with: Your bandwidth. Especially if you watch an HD series.

I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII again and I just finished chapter X this morning. Can't wait to start Chapter XI as it is where the game begins according to a lot of people. To be honest, I've enjoyed the experience a fair bit of up this point. The cinematics are absolutely stunning. Shame on Squeenix for omitting a Theater Mode once you finish the game.

Have you taken a look at the Move Section in your local stores? I've seen them empty in a few places (well, the Bundles and the Move Controller). The Controller appears to be selling really well.

If you own the Move Controller, grab Tumble off of PSN. It is a lot of fun (well, I do like to play with blocks with my daughter, so that might explain my liking the game).

New PSN+ Freeby this week, I wonder what it will be...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's Always Something to Watch

Folks, normally I do my post about something to do with gaming, either because all week I play one game or several, or because something happens in the industry that drives a sincere need in me to grab my soapbox and rant for a few minutes.

Today is not the day for that kind of post. Today, I am too busy to post. Too busy having television or the first time in approximately three years. Granted, I don't actually have TV, I have Netflix.

Reader beware: Gushing will ensue in three.... two.... one....

GOD I miss TV. I miss being able to flip channels for an hour while still not watching one, solitary thing. I miss wasting hours on end just channel flipping! And now, thanks to the PS3, I pretty much get that same joy.

Netflix has allowed me that simple pleasure once more. Rather than post, I think I'm going to let my brain rot with movies and TV shows, unlimited, all for 8 bucks a month.... after the 1 month free trial. Huzzah for trials that are FREE!!!!

And in PSTP news, I have set up an account with Gamespot, allowing our posts to be seen all across the universe!!!! Or at least on another site. Until next time folks, Excelzior!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

If you read this blog...

Post in the comment section!

Also, Cataclysm is a few weeks away. Getting Rock Band 3 with the keyboard will be a pain, though I hope not. Still on chapter 9 in FF XII.

Back to reading the Bag War Saga, thanks to the Knights of the Dinner Table.

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